About Us

Clothes for Kids was started in 2018 by a few Moms at Manteo Elementary School.  Winter clothing was donated by our community and given to elementary aged children who qualified for assistance through the Food for Thought program.

This was truly a community effort with support from local families, Dare Challenge, Hot Line, Social Services, Dare County Schools and various churches and businesses.

Events were held at county Parks and Rec Facilities to distribute clothes, reaching over 100 children in need.


OBX Hospital connected us with a mother and daughter who left their home with almost nothing due to abuse.


Clothes were delivered to Social Services for a Mom who had to flee in the middle of the night with her 8 and 12 year- old sons.


Heavy coats were delivered to elementary schools on cold days for kids identified with a need by school councilors.


Where We Are Today:

In 2020 Community for Kids was formally established as a 501 c3 charitable organization. Clothes for Kids remains our signature program. We serve elementary students’ clothing needs on an individual basis at our Clothes for Kids Center. Our center is a space generously provided by Dare County.

In 2021/2022 We expanded volunteer opportunities in the center for high school students and began incorporating availability of summer clothing for appointments.

Our Goals:

We are thankful to be where we are, but look forward to where we can grow to be!

Ricky Segura has graciously stepped up to be our supervisor for high school volunteers.  Opportunities for students to volunteer in the center will be available approximately four times a month.

Increase Availability for Appointments

Expanding days and times for appointments will ensure every elementary student with a need has access to our center.

Leadership Opportunities

Offer opportunities for older students to assist younger students with tutoring.

Share + Celebrate Talents

Offer opportunities for older students to share their talents (such as sports, art and music) with younger students.

Expand Services

Expand our services to include sports equipment and Instruments.